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And she designed a life she loved

At 27, Edwina Robertson sat herself down and designed a career that would give her the life she dreamed of. Where she had the flexibility and the ability to travel throughout Australia and the world, earn a healthy income, and should she meet a life partner she could still work a couple of weekends a month while raising a family.

It was from that checklist and what she concedes as very little experience, Eddy became a wedding photographer. “Not the most common way to decide on a career, but I am grateful that I love where this has taken me, and that although it’s hard work, I never have a bad day,” says Edwina.

LEFT:: Photographer Edwina Robertson and her travel companion Jordie.

Edwina is part of the ever-evolving generation of rural entrepreneurs who have foregone climbing the traditional corporate ladder to build something entirely of their own choosing, planted firmly in country soil. Gone are the days when creative pursuits were confined to the city limits; graphic designers, artists, writers and photographers are pairing ingenuity with networking and social media savvy to pursue the career they love, throughout rural and remote Australia.

While destination weddings have taken Edwina to Europe and beyond, it is the uniquely Australian places she has visited that she craves.“Way out west, in the dirt, amongst the flies and isolation is where my heart lies,” she smiles.

Which explains the natural evolution of Edwina Robertson the photographer and brand, to include Rural Tribe and Wander of the West. “I realised that most families, after they’re married, will most likely never have professional photos taken again, let alone at their home.” And so, while Edwina travels thousands of kilometres each weekend to and from her wedding destinations, she now books in Rural Tribe family sessions at properties and homes along the way.

In this photographer’s words, it’s an opportunity to capture the day to day activities of farming families, without the need for dressing in white t-shirts and blue denim jeans. 2017 is mostly booked up for Edwina with weddings, Rural Tribe sessions and the Wander of the West, the latest expansion to her unique photography brand.

Heading west from her home in Toowoomba in May, Edwina and her beloved dog Jordie will travel more than 30,000km through some of Australia’s most rugged terrain, stopping in at a new property every day along the track.

More incredibly is the fact that Edwina will undertake this journey on goodwill alone, leaving home penniless, no cash, no credit cards, no money whatsoever at all.

You can be forgiven for thinking why in the world would a woman with a successful business, a beautiful home and a penchant for nice dresses head west without a single cent? “Not only will it add to the adventure, I think it’s a great way to show the rest of the country and the world how generous rural and regional Australians are.”

The sessions which will be booked in advance, will see Edwina offer 90 minutes of her time and skills to photograph whatever the hosts would like, so far that list includes; families, dogs, a roadside memorial and even a cafe.

There’s no set price on the photography sessions, rather in return, you feed and accommodate Edwina, fuel up her car, and give her a lunch pack to get her through to the next stop, with the optional payment, should you see fit, of an amount you believe worthy to be transferred into Eddy’s bank account.

In essence her livelihood for those three months is entirely reliant upon the good will of others, paying her what they believe the photographs they receive are worth. “In all honesty, I am quietly petrified about what could go wrong, where I may end up, or being left on the side of the road starving, but without risk, there is no reward.”

ABOVE: Wedding image captured by Edwina Robertson Photography.

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