• Grace Cobb

The finer details

Lately, I’ve been helping some family members renovate a bathroom and laundry. At the same time I’ve had several friends working on updates and renovations.

Whilst generally everything has gone to plan, a common theme has emerged; details, details, details! Or more specifically, lack thereof.

So here’s a few tips for those of you about to launch into the confusing world of renovating.

Be meticulous in your planning, even on the smallest jobs, and be stubborn about what you want. Tradies, as much as we love them, and value the work that they do, will generally always want to do whatever is easiest.

‘This is how we usually do it’ and ‘most people are doing it this way’ are common phrases. Sometimes that will suit you, but if its not quite what you wanted, stand your ground. This can be complicated by a husband who also likes to take the easiest option and sides with the boys.

Stand your ground, ladies!

Don’t forget about the little details once you’ve got the bigger ones worked out. The colour of the grout in your tiles is a perfect example. Unless you specify otherwise, most tilers will use a dark grout to finish off a tiled floor, and yes this is a practical choice. However, on a light coloured tile this can really spoil the overall finish, particularly if there is a matching wall tile with white grout. A light grey or beige will look much better.

Lastly, trust your instincts. Often your first choice is the right one, whether it be tiles, paint colours or cabinetry. If you’re unsure, its a good idea to put images of all of your finishes, fixtures and fittings together on a page so you can view them as a collective. This also makes it easy to show friends and family your plans if you’re looking for extra opinions or advice. Happy renovating!

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