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Country Polo Style Guide

Elegance is key for the Polo, even when it is played on dusty country fields.

The majority of polo in our capital cities is played during the Spring and Summer months, attracting a bevy of light, flowing fabrics in dresses that brush the knee or are mid length, jumpsuits and matching co-ordinates.

The best Country Polo Tournaments (You can find a list of polo events here) are often played during the cooler months. If you're lucky there may be hay bale seating- great for resting polo-weary legs but making skin baring outfits ill-advised, country ground is even more unpredictable than at traditional polo events.

For The Ladies

Jeans are the most popular option for Bush Polo, in white, navy or regular blue jeans with a great fit paired with a tailored blazer, coat or wool jumper. The light fabric dresses, skirts and culottes from summer polo can be layered with jumpers, jackets and stockings.

While it may be tempting to give those chic wedges or platforms a spin, by nighttime your feet not only will be killing you- they will be freezing.

Flats or boots are your best option; ankle boots- flat or featuring a solid or cuban heel or riding boots. While the days be be deceptively sunny the nights can be incredibly cold, always pack a coat for the nighttime festivities.

Broad brimmed and panama hats are key elements of a polo outfit, unlike the races their is no rule that straw and felt are seasonal for the polo.

For The Men

Polo is less formal than the races so ties and pocket squares aren't necessary. Pants or chinos are more weather appropriate than shorts and shirts and blazers definitely still have their place. Footwear can range from your trusty RM's to the more formal brogues or loafers,

The Goondiwindi Polo Tournament is on again August 12. widely known as the best in Bush Polo, find out everything you need to know here.

More Bush Polo Inspiration below.

ABOVE: 2016 Goondiwindi Polo Fashions On The Field winner Gretel Harvey with Players Player Angus Gunn and David Benn

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