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Local artists you need to know now

When you are looking for artwork to fill the walls of your home you want it to mean something; to speak to who you are and where you live. Nothing does that quite like local artists, living and working, painting and creating in your very own community.

Here at Border Living we love supporting local art and were very excited when we came across the Contemporary Art Exhibition, opening at the Inverell Art Gallery on February 16.The exhibition will feature Inverell artists Melissa Simmonds, Tracey Buxton and Carolyn McCosker, Kate Owen from North Star and Angela Edwards of Yetman. Lottie Rae of Trangie and Nikki Malone of Warwick will also feature alongside Melbourne creative Erin.

If you can't make the exhibition we have included their Instagram handles so you can have a little look.

ABOVE: Artwork by Carolyn McCosker.

The Inverell Art Gallery has an active and passionate committee and new faces Christina Smith and Melissa Simmonds are the new faces behind this incredible assemblage of local artists.“It is the first Contemporary Exhibition held at the Inverell Gallery and we are hoping if successful that it will be an annual event. We have already had artists expressing an interest in next years event,” Christina says.

“We have chosen both local artists and artists from other centres that we felt complemented each other across different mediums.”

ABOVE: Artwork by Tracey Buxton.

Tracey Buxton was a finalist in the Manning Art Prize in 2017 and is a valued member of the Art Gallery and the wider community. Carolyn McCosker is a well- established artist from a Inverell, she is the Inverell Art Prize winner for 2017 and the winner of the Moree Portrait Prize in the Adult category.

Melissa Simmonds is very well known throughout the border region and beyond for her colourful paintings of animals and flowers. Melissa has her own gallery in Inverell featuring art supplies and homewares. Lottie Rae is an artist from Trangie who has just opened her own gallery, Christina says while planning the exhibition that Lotties bright and colourful pieces really caught her eye.

ABOVE: Artwork by Melissa Simmonds @melissasimmondsart ​ BELOW: Artwork by Lottie Rae @lottierae_art

Kate Owen and Angela Edwards both live on farms outside of Goondiwindi and are actively involved in the border region art scene. Kate with her incredibly detailed bombs of colour that she creates both in water colour and acrylic on canvas. Angela with her unique clay sculptures and unique pottery.

ABOVE: Water colour by Kate Owen @kowenart BELOW: Pottery by Angela Edwards @angelaedwardsceramics

Finally, and the most metropolitan of the bunch is Erin from popular Etsy store “erinswindow”. Erin is based in Melbourne where she creates beautiful ceramic pieces such as cups, spoons and vases imbued with beautiful paint work.

ABOVE: Canvas by Nikki Malone @nikkimalonestudio

Warwick artist Nikki Malone, who Christina describes as “delightful” will not only be featuring in the exhibition but running workshops throughout 2018 at the Inverell Art Gallery. “I met Nikki in Tenterfield where she was hosting a workshop and I had the most amazing and enlightening day in her class,” Christina says.

“Nikki approached the class with great enthusiasm and encouragement for all participants.”

The exhibition opens February 16 at 6:30 pm and you can find more information online here.

Free Admission with Bar Operating

Exhibition continues to 14th March

Nikki Malone @nikkimalonestudio will be teaching a workshop the next day.

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