• Grace Cobb

Eyes on the prize

It’s a scene we all know well. You plug in the destination into Google Maps and get directions. It shows you the preferred route with a few options. You set off. As you get down the road you come across some roadworks, you take a turn off the preferred path. Google Maps recalculates finding you a different route but the destination stays the same.

Running a business is much like this scenario. We know where we want to go and put in the address of the desired location and set off on our way. But what happens when we reach changed traffic conditions is what makes all the difference.

I feel running a nimble, responsive, modern business is much like acting like Google Maps. In business no matter the size or industry there are a number of ways to reach your destination. A goal is important in focussing the efforts of the business. A good goal is something that we can measure against and use as a criteria to evaluate new opportunities and ideas. If the new idea doesn’t move you closer to your goal you can say ‘thanks but no thanks’ – how liberating!

ABOVE: Author of this piece Fleur Anderson.

Your goal may be to create a business that builds jobs for your region, educates your children, allows you to indulge your love of being a the best butcher this side of the Bruce Highway who always still has time to fit in that game of sporters golf every Thursday. Great! Set your eyes firmly on that prize.

Measure everything up against that image or destination. The flexibility comes in how you get there. Don’t get hung up on the vehicle and the route. Google Maps is good at recalculating and ensuring you still get to your destination quickly – and so should you.

Barriers to business are dropping all the time and something that wasn’t on your radar two years ago may now be just the thing you need that gets you on the shortcut to the final destination. Take the time to sit back and look at your business activities, where you spend the most energy and effort and what takes you closer to your end goal. I have always found it a rewarding and energising process to take some space to see what vehicle we are jumping in for the next leg of our journey.

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