• Grace Cobb

Tablecloth Therapy

No word of a lie, the most relaxed I have felt of late, is paintbrush in hand, nestled into an art class in Goondiwindi. Hosted by local Bec Fing, we are there to paint a tablecloth and find good food, great people and a big dose of creative therapy. Teaching art is a departure from Bec’s day job, running her business, House Paddock Training and Consulting. Where Bec helps rural businesses nail down workplace health and safety, and human relations programs and processes.

Bec is no stranger to art though, she had been painting for a while when she began experimenting with fabric and napery, some of her works are available now at The Larder In Goondiwindi. With her brilliantly coloured tablecloths and intricately patterned tea towels, it's no surprise there has been a long line of ladies ready to give it a try.

“I love a good workshop, in my real job, so thought I may as well give it a go. I did some planning, advertised and it went ahead,” Bec says.

THE ART BUFFET: The paints, colour wheels, a variety of brushes and some examples Bec brought along for inspiration.

Settled in with an eclectic mix of women and talents; some, who like me hadn’t painted anything more than a white wall in a very long time, Bec took us through the process from start to finish. We master our designs with pencil, and our style with a variety of brushes and colours all on paper, before we even go near our tablecloths, so there was plenty of room for mistakes, or rather developing our ideas.

“My favourite outcomes are usually from people who declare no artistic ability," Bec says. “People don’t actually realise their ability, as it has never been tapped, people are so much more creative and clever than they know.”

Bec says she can provide as much freedom or help as you need, and help is available with colours, design and execution if need be.

“Everyone leaves with a beautiful useable product, irrespective of the outcome, a nice day ‘filling your cup’ is the priority, Bec says.

If you are wondering if a group of friends or a community group can get it contact for a workshop? Absolutely, just shoot Bec an email or find her art page on Facebook here.

“These are the best days, a great idea for a baby shower, bridal tea or a birthday,” Bec says.

The classes are ideal for a group of eight to 15 and Bec is flexible around the project, the timing and the catering.The best bit- You literally turn up, Bec does the rest, and if I am going to be completely honest just being surrounded by incredible women, eating some of Bec’s home-baked treats, and relaxing in an environment that is a complete departure from your day to day life is worth its weight in gold.

Check out the photos from the workshop we attended below.

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