• Grace Cobb

Border Living Branches Out

Border Living began more than a decade ago as a newsletter, born out of the need for connection and the already strong ties the people and places of the border region share. It grew into an incredible print magazine, released quarterly until the this drought showed us that the need that drives Border Living, and everything that we do, has changed.

What the border region needs is brilliant, innovative content from our pocket of regional Australia, and that is what we are going to focus on providing.

We found over time that travellers stopping through would subscribe to the magazine; they had fallen in love with this place and its people and wanted to keep in touch. The travellers comment on stories and follow along with what is going on, on Instagram.

People want to visit the bush, they want to sit sideline at the Goondiwindi Polo, wander through the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers and meet the meat growers at Moree On a Plate. They want to go wine tasting in Stanthorpe, and watch the autumn leaves fall in Tenterfield. People want to see where their cotton, wheat, chickpeas, mungbeans, canola, linseed, macadamias, pecans and so much more are grown. We are a generation becoming increasingly more aware of where our food and fibre is grown.

This year we will be launching a Border Living Directory, filled with hotels, cafes, restaurants, camping spots, swimming holes and businesses. This will be online, but also printed at the back of the print issues so that people passing through have a trusted source telling them where to stay, play, eat, swim and adventure.

We will constantly be updating our calendar, and sending out event reminders on our monthly email catch up. You can find our Border Living Calendar here.

We will be releasing free Travel Guides, making visiting and exploring every inch of this great part of Australia even easier.

We want to attract tourism to the region and we want to entice people to live here, in our prospering communities. The communities, that despite what many consider to be the worst drought in history, continue to innovate and thrive, and are full of possibilities.

We know you love the print magazine, and Border Living will still release print issues as collector’s editions. We will no longer be producing magazines quarterly, and we will notify of advertising openings on our Facebook Page and through our newsletter. You can subscribe to that here.

Subscriptions are no longer open, so if you have one, lucky you. You will receive the collector’s editions up until the finalisation of your subscription.

The Print Magazine will be available in all our trusted newsagents that have supported us throughout the year, and possibly a few boutique stores throughout the region.

Watch this space.