• Grace Cobb

Why photographs are business branding gold

Living in this instant world of constant online interaction and connectedness may seem overwhelming. But, the flip side of this is that everywhere you look; Facebook, Instagram and even your own website, you are offered a unique opportunity to tell your story, and the story of your brand or business, in the way you want to tell it.

Photographs are essential to telling that story, and after working in media for more than a decade I have realised how much power visual images hold.

Why does having professional photographs give you so much power?

1. While personal blogs and websites can seem redundant thanks to their illustrious social sisters Facebook and Instagram, your website is the one thing that you own, that no one can take away from you.

Your website will have an 'ABOUT YOU', we all love to know who we are working with or buying from, and that bio is going to need a photo of you, or your team to accompany it. If you can fill your website with personalised content, and show continuity in your style it will deliver unparalleled brand authenticity. Each of these images provides invaluable points of connection between you and your potential clients.

2. A story in a magazine, newspaper, online site, or blog can offer invaluable brand awareness if you are lucky enough to garner the media’s attention- but they won’t run a story without the relevant photo or photos. (Nobody would read it)

They are looking for quality content that their audience can connect with. So, whether you are pitching a new brand or product, or a journalist is looking to run a profile piece on you, you need to have photos on hand to make the content creating process as painless as possible.

If a journalist has an opening for you now, they may not by 5pm today.

Where to start?

There are a multitude of ways, and concepts to bring some pictorial pizzazz to your business. However these are the three elements you should start with. Each of these areas of your life when photographed will give you endless amounts of content for Instagram, Facebook, blog posts or to send out with a media release for potential media coverage.

  1. Who you are.

Are you an individual or do you work as a team? Do you have children? Three dogs? A love for travel, or farming or food? These photos capture who you are and make potential clients and readers feel like they know you.

  1. What do you do

Have you ever been at a dinner party and asked someone what they do, only to have nobetter understanding once they respond? Having visual representations of what you do, your product or service and your brand, helps show your future clients or audience what it is you do.

Do you make clay sculptures? Then you need to be showing us photographs of your work space, your materials, your art. Do you farm pumpkins? Then show us the process from seed to sprout to harvest, show your audience how those pumpkins make it to their grocery shelves.

  1. Where you do it

This may seem like an odd one, but we as human beings love to make sense of things. We love context, and we love to see the whole picture. If you are lucky enough to live and work in rural Australia, show us those big sky sunsets and traffic jams made entirely of cattle.

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